Mayocoba Beans in the Field: 1 Month After Planting

July 17, 2022

Mayocoba Beans in the Field: 1 Month After Planting

Mayocoba beans, also known as yellow beans, are one of our specialties here in Colorado! This video gives you a glimpse into their life cycle, at about 1 month after planting. Join us as Andy Clark of Northern Feed and Bean shares about Mayocoba beans. You can find our Mayocobas here:

In the video, we discuss:

  • The life cycle of these beans
  • How much water bean plants need
  • If we can tell Mayocoba bean plants apart from, for example, pinto bean plants

These beans will be ready for harvest about 90 days after planting. Wondering what a bean planting looks like? Be sure to watch our video of planting pinto beans here.

You can also see the progress of this field as it gets closer to harvest season. Check out our short video on this Mayocoba bean field about 2 months after planting, this video as the field gets even closer to bean harvest time, and the last video we took right before bean harvest.

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