Mayocoba, Black and Pinto Beans

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Top-Label Bean Varieties

Northern Feed and Bean specializes in Pinto, Mayocoba, and Black Beans. Rather than focus on every bean out there, we’ve spent decades perfecting what we can grow for the High Plains region we serve.

Pinto Slow Darkening

  • Gleam: Mid 90-day, Rust and BCMV resistant
  • Mystic: Mid 90-day, Rust and BCMV resistant
  • Vibrant: Mid 90-day, Rust and BCMV resistant

Pinto Regular Varieties

  • Cowboy: Low 90-day, Upright, Rust and BCMV resistant
  • Torreon: Mid 90-day, Upright, Rust and BCMV resistant
  • Rattler: Mid 90-day, Upright, Rust and BCMV Resistance
  • SV6139GR: Mid 90-day, Upright, Rust and BCMV Resistant
  • Othello: Mid 80-day, Non-Resistant good one for replant or late plant

Mayocoba Regular Varieties

  • Claim Jumper: Mid 90-day, non-resistant
  • 12724: Mid 90-day, non-resistant

College of Agricultural Sciences. Colorado State University + Northern Feed & Bean

Bean Seed

Delivering the Best with Quality and Research

We’ve partnered with Colorado State University’s Agricultural researchers and innovators to research what’s possible for our region and in our industry. We embrace the expertise we receive with our partners. Our bean specialists and consultants can understand what your crops need. It’s not just about our product, it’s helping you with expert services to see the best yield possible.

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Grower Services

Seed, Consulting, Processing, and More

Every field is different. From the soil types to water availability, there are so many factors to consider. That’s why we provide field consulting as a part of our grower services. That, paired with our certified seed sales, helps growers in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska see the best growth and yield for their crops available. With marketing, and processing available as well, Northern Feed and Bean is the one place to come to for anything you need to grow high-quality beans. Our bean growers use our receiving, processing, and storage facilities, and we’d love for you to come to us for your grower services.

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Grower Services

Processing and Shipping

Our processing facilities to receive, process, and ship beans allows us to create a top-quality process. Our entire product line goes through our “Triple Clean” process to deliver the highest-quality output. Our beans have been considered one of the top brands recognized in the industry throughout the United States, Mexico, and Dominican Republic. With decades of perfecting our processing and shipping, you’ll receive the best service possible every time.

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