Grower Services FAQ

We have delivery locations in Ault, Lucerne, and Torrington. This lets us serve people in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.
We provide storage facilities, as well processing, field consulting, certified seed sales, and shipping services.
Northern Feed and Bean has a “Triple Clean” process we use on our entire product line. This has been considered by the industry as one of the top labels recognized throughout the U.S., Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.
We’ve been serving bean growers in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska for 70 years and counting.
You can call us at 970-352-7875, email us at, or visit our main offices at 33278 US Highway 85, Lucerne, Colorado 80646.

Dry Beans FAQ

We focus on delivering the highest quality Pinto and Mayocoba beans, along with our own label of Premium Black Beans.
Our high-quality beans are brighter colored and have a richer flavor and taste due the favorable environmental factors of the high plains
In addition to Triple Cleaning everything we ship, our product meets top safety standards through our Food Safety Program we developed through the H.A.C.C.P (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) with a third party that is certified with the U.S.D.A. (United States Department of Agriculture).
We’ve worked hard to get the Frontier label in wholesale and grocery store chains from coast-to-coast, and we’re now available in Hispanic grocery markets throughout the country in record volume.
Yes! You can visit our retail store at 230 East 1st Street, Ault, Colorado 80610. You can also purchase the beans directly from our website here.

Feed Products FAQ

Cattle, Dairy, Goats, Horse, Poultry, Sheep, Lamb, Swine, Game Birds, if you have an animal, we can get a feed for it.
Yes. Our ProNurse & Does Match in an 8# bag – Specialty Milk Replacer is ideal for calves, foals, piglets, llama and alpaca, fawns, elk calves, goat kids and lambs. We also have milk replacer in 25# and 50# sizes.
We have specific mixes and blends to accommodate various species. From our Layena ® Sunfresh ® Recipe for Poultry to our Honor ® Show Chow ® Showlamb Grower DX for Sheep and Lamb, we make sure we have the correct feed option or options for each species.
We do. As a Purina dealer we carry PMI Products, we are able to deliver tested and proven products from a trusted brand for your pets and other animals.
On our online store, you can buy everything and have it ready for pickup in store at our location in Ault, Colorado at 230 1st Ault, CO (Hyperlink to Map of location) in Colorado.
Yes, we deliver both bulk and bagged feed.
Yes, we have a variety of protein and mineral tubs for all season nutrition.
On our online store or for bulk feed call store directly at (970) 352-7875.