A Frontier Bean Tour with the Farm Babe

July 28, 2022

A Frontier Bean Tour with the Farm Babe

Michelle Miller, also known as the Farm Babe, visited Northern Feed and Bean to learn all about our delicious Frontier beans. Watch this video to virtually join our Frontier Bean Tour!

Bean tour stops included:

  • Exploring our cleaning and packaging facility to see what the process of bringing you Colorado Proud beans looks like
  • Visits to multiple bean fields, with the chance to talk with incredible farmers
  • A stop at Colorado State University's Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center (ARDEC) to hear about current bean research

Of course, after the bean tour we also sent her home with fresh, Colorado Proud Frontier beans. This was the Farm Babe's first time cooking with dry beans, and she said she absolutely loved it! Almost as soon as she got home, she tried our Mayocoba beans and reported back that they were fantastic.

Want to see more about what beans look like in the field?

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