Cutting Mayocoba Beans for Harvest

November 06, 2022

Cutting Mayocoba Beans for Harvest

One of the first steps of bean harvest is to cut the bean plants and leave them in a windrow to dry before combining them. Although direct harvest (making just one pass through the field) is becoming more prevalent, many farmers in our area still harvest in this two-step fashion. They allow the beans to dry down naturally for about 1 week in their windrows and then return to combine them and bring them into our facility to be cleaned and bagged.

We hope you enjoy this short video on cutting Mayocoba beans. Listen to hear what time farmers wake up to do this - now that is dedication to their profession and to bringing all of us delicious and nutritious beans!

Check back for our video on combining beans soon! Also, if you want to see what the beans looked like earlier in the season, check out our previous posts and videos.

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