10lb Bean Bag Combo (Pack of 3)

This combo pack includes three, 10 lb bags, of our most popular bean varieties:

  • Pinto
  • Black
  • Mayocoba
  • Small Red
  • Orca


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Product Details

Medium-sized, oval-shaped bean with a mottled beige and brown skin, pinto beans have an earthy flavor and a powdery texture. Closely related to red kidney beans. When cooked, pintos lose their mottling and turn brown. Most often used in refried beans and are great for Tex-Mex and Mexican bean dishes.

Black or turtle beans are small ovals with deep black skins. They have cream colored flesh with a mild, sweet, earthy taste and a soft texture. Sometimes called turtle beans, these beans are used in classic Latin American, Caribbean and Southwest United States soups.

Oval shaped and ivory-yellow in color, the mild flavor and buttery texture of mayocoba beans brings added taste to soups, salads and Latino dishes. The mayocoba beans contain high amount of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc. and used in a number of recipes.

Small red beans are dark red color with flavor and properties similar to red kidney, only smaller in size. Also called Mexican red bean, they hold both shape and firmness when cooked. Most often used in soups, salads, chili and Creole dishes.

The Orca bean, named after the killer whale, is also known as “Calypso Bean” or the “Yin Yang” bean. An heirloom bean from Mexico which are a natural and very rare in the U.S. It is a distinctive colored bean with its striking contrast of black and white.

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Weight 30 lbs