Wind & Rain Storm 7 Complete ProCycle

  • Wind and Rain® minerals contain the proper balance of all 14 essential cattle minerals.
  • Supports immune function, improves fertility, and promotes fetal development
  • Contains 7% Phosphorus
  • 50-pound bag


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Product Details

Designed for high trace mineral bioavailability, Purina® Wind and Rain® ProCycle® is an elite, cutting-edge mineral with proven consistent consumption designed to get cows bred, keep them bred and deliver to your bottom-line. This mineral offers ultimate trace mineral absorption through a cutting-edge combination of organic and inorganic sources, which supports elite reproductive expectations.


ProCycle® includes everything you love about Purina® Wind and Rain® Mineral, like proven consumption, plus next generation technology to deliver on the highest performance expectations. Purina® Wind and Rain® ProCycle® Mineral is available in a fly control formulation and in bag or tub form, providing a convenient form for any operation.